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Upcoming Events
          December 2-4, 2011

1st P-CKC Koi Show in Cebu
[Location] Parkmall, Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines
[Contact] Cebu Koi Club, email: philippines.cebu.koi.club@gmail.com

          December 2-4, 2011

8th All Indonesia Koi Show
[Hosted by] Indonesia Nishikigoi Association
[Location] Batununggal, Bandung, Indonesia
[Contact] email: apki@centrin.net.id

          January 7-8, 2012

1st East Thailand Young Koi Show
[Location] near Bangkok, Philippines
[Contact] Saravut Prapakamol, email: znathailand@gmail.com

          January 14-15, 2012

2nd AJNPA Nishikigoi Exhibition and Sale
[Location] Tokyo Ryutsu Center, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

          February 4-5, 2012

The 43rd All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show
[Hosted by] All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association
[Location] Tokyo Ryutsu Center
[Contact] email: koi@echigo.ne.jp

          February 10-12, 2012

2012 Philippine Koi Show and Kois&Ponds Cup (4th Growout Contest)
[Location] Perlie's Garden Restaurant, Elliptical Road, Quezon City
[Contact] email: koisandponds@yahoo.com

          February 25-26, 2012

27th Hong Kong Koi Show (ZNA Hong Kong)
[Location] Kowloon Park, Kowloon, Hong Kong
[Contact] email: hk_koiclub@hotmail.com