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Underfeeding Koi, Not Enough Food
also be stunted or die. Fish in ponds with natural forage and some plant
material will help themselves to nature's bounty. Fish in indoor or liner
ponds without additional access to forage will lose condition. If you fish are
growing about a half-inch per month, you're feeding enough.

If you have a Goldfish or Koi that is NOT growing a half-inch per month you
are either underfeeding, you are keeping them in too small facilities, or the
food is not adequate to push growth. Many fish grow one inch per month.
Even relatively slow growing Ranchu's can be pushed to one inch per month
in large facilities and fed fresh proteins.

Signs of underfeeding include: Heads wider than bodies, slightly sunken
eyes, a kink at the base of the tail, poor color, thinness, trailing white stools,
and inactivity.

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Underfeeding Koi
Written by Dr. Johnson

Sometimes a person is
very busy and they may
neglect to feed the fish
every day. This only
impacts certain groups
of fish. The very large
fish in summer will
rapidly lose weight as
their metabolism is
working optimally but
there aren't enough
calories for their big
bodies. Very small fish
which need to grow will