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Nitrates: Not non-toxic - in fact
Written by Dr Johnson

Nitrates are a natural by-product of the bacterial "reduction" or removal of
Ammonia and Nitrite in the natural pond's ecosystem. Nitrates are an
under-estimated fish killer.
When fish are sick, and the history contains some information to suggest the
pond has been set up for a while, you can bet Nitrate levels are part of the
problem. This is especially true for Goldfish and "flipover" disease.
Once dismissed as a "non" threat to Koi and Goldfish, exceptional
information exists to suggest this is not true. Scientists initially evaluating
Nitrates as a toxin did reproductive problems for alligators, and other reptiles
and fish, and are also immunosuppressive, invariably increasing vulnerability
to diseases in the fish in the immunosuppressive, invariably increasing
vulnerability to diseases in the fish in the high Nitrate environment.

Nitrate accumulations cause dilation of the veins in the fins and other health
problems. Nitrite is also a DIRECT guide to background pollution levels,
when nitrate levels are high, there is a direct correlation to the abundance of
other forms of background pollution. Think about that. If Nitrates are
immunocompromising, is that right? MAYBE it's the absolute surety of other
organic and gaseous background pollutions. Either way, fish in HIGH nitrate
levels will be immunocompromised, have almost NO reproductive
competence and will also suffere decreased growth and overall thriftiness.

Nitrates may actually be the most important measurment you make the
established pond because it sets the cadence of the water changes you
should do.
Never let your nitrate levels exceed 100 ppm or illness and vulnerability to
disease will be the result!

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