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Feeding Requirements For Pond Fish in Certain Ponds

Do You Even Have to Feed
Written by Dr. Johnson

Not every pond has to be fed. I
know it a converse too. I've heard
Aquascape installers say that
their ponds never need to be fed
and that's equally wrong. If you've
stocked with koi, chances are you
will need to feed something. If you
stock will need to feed
something. If you stock heavily
with Goldfish, you will probably
need to feed.

But if you have Mud bottom
ponds with freshwater feeds and
a 'bug light', you have arguably
"handled" the fishes' feeding
requirements. This is because in
spring fed mud ponds, there's
always something to eat. Either a
variety of amphibians in the
Spring and sides of the pond, or
copepods and worms on the mud
floor of the pond. If you suspend a
plain light bulb fixture over most
ponds and run it at night - insects
will be attracted to the light and fall into the Koi's waiting mouths. This
advice does not hold true for stocking farmers who have many mouths to
feed in such ponds. I hope thisbrings home the concept of natural forage.
Does your pond have natural forage?

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