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The "Cycle" of Nitrogen Reduction Has Three Toxic Intermediates

The Cycle - Probably the Core of Water Quality
Written by Dr. Johnson

If you are not already familiar with the CYCLE, this is the process by which fish
wastes and other debris are broken down by bacteria in an aquatic system.
Let's trace it here.

Ammonia is produced by the fish, from gills (75%) and vent (25%).

*Nitrosomonas* bacteria in the gravel break the Ammonia down, *before* it
has a chance to accumulate and harm the fish.

This results in the production of Nitrites.

*Nitrobacter*, a second cousin bacteria, breaks down Nitrites into harmless
NitrAtes before the Nitrites can accumulate and harm the fish.

use Nitrates to grow, but without the plants, Nitrates could accumulate and
cause sickness (Bloody fins and weakness) in the fish.

So you can see that since Ammonia, Nitrite and eventually Nitrate have
hazardous effects on Koi, it is necessary for you to use normal testing
procedures to detect these intermediates whenever fish are sick.

The Cycle takes 4-6 weeks to complete under normal circumstances but t's
possible to cut it down to about three days with BioSeeding. That is a
technique, not a product.

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