What's Nishikigoi?

Water Quality?

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There are certain rules in measuring the “beauty of Nishikigoi”, in other words,
points of appreciation,
The following three Nishikigoi are brand Koi that won overall championships in the
All Japan Nishikigoi Show. Each Koi had different winning factors. The first Koi won
for its excellent shape, the second for its outstanding quality, and the last for its
beautiful patterns.

Body Conformation

The body conformation of fish such as sweetfish and trout which live in mountain
streams are long and thin because it is affected by strong currents. However, since
Nishikigoi live in water without flow, their body becomes spindle-like. A well-formed
spindle shape not only decreases the water pressure on Nishikigoi but is said to be
the most beautiful body conformation.

The picture is of a brand Nishikigoi called “Daiya-no-Kamen (Diamond Mask)”. It has
an ideal spindle-shape with a perfect balance among the head, body and tail. It has
a dominating presence and is very elegant.


Quality means the basis of the Nishikigoi and refers to the overall potential capacity
Nishikigoi possess. For example, in Kohaku, a “snow-white” Shiroji is more
important, and the Hi and colors of the patterns should be bright and deep. The
quality of Nishikigoi is determined by the crossing of the parent Nishikigoi, which is
created by the breeders. The quality is reflected in the Nishikigoi’s beauty as they
grow, and bringing it out is the Koi lover’s role.

The Nishikigoi in the picture is a brand Nishikigoi called Loran. This Nishikigoi
possesses not only excellent Hi but also supreme Shiroji. Its beauty is accentuated
as the Hi stands out in the beautiful Shiroji.


The post popular point in enjoying the Nishikigoi is their patterns. However, in each
variety there are different ways to appreciate the pattern, so it is essential to
recognize the differences. Dynamic, endearing patterns or well-balanced patterns
express each Koi’s uniqueness.

The Nishikigoi in the picture is a Yondan Kohaku that was created through selective
breeding. The beauty of its pattern excels that of the two others’ on this page, which
was the winning factor. The patterns of Nishikigoi which attain first prizes at well-
known Koi shows tend to become popular.